10 things you already heard if you are a pole dancer


1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend must be happy!
I do not think so, because he/she spends more time being worried about me falling from the pole or breaking anything.

2. Where do you perform?dsc_0135
This question usually comes accompanied with clear intentions of going to see us dancing in a strip club. Of course, there are people dancing in these places and that is great, but I assure you that most of those who go to pole dance classes ,do it for fun, to get fit and to train in a different way.

3.  Would you do a sexy dance for me?
Well, no! But nice try! ;)

4. Who hit you??
(Looking to our bruising with an expression of horror)

5. Why don’t you go to a “normal” gym?

My gym is my pole dance studio, and while you like lifting weights, I prefer to gain strength lifting my own body weight and with amazing acrobatic acts on a vertical pole!

dsc_00916. Do not tell anyone at work that you practice pole dance!
Of course, there are still prejudices about the pole dance, but more and more people accept it as a sport and art, and it is our job to spread it as such! So I tell everyone with pride that I practice pole dance!

7. Men who pole dance must all be gay!
Well, as everywhere, there are heterosexuals and homosexuals. What’s the problem?

8. The pole dance is for girls.
This statement, accompanied by an expression of contempt, only makes me think that “man” trying to hold himself on a pole with one leg and head down;) I better do not invite him to try!

9. Introduce me to your “stripper” friends!
This sentence also is usually accompanied with a mischievous expression. They seriously have no idea about what a pole dance class really is! They must be thinking about a room full of semi-naked models doing sexy moves around a pole!

10. I admire you, I’d never be able to do that!
Luckily we also receive positive feedback! Actually, it’s really admirable what we can do with our vertical bar. But everyone can do it if they only leave aside prejudices and dare to try it out!