13 things that only pole dancers know

1- Bruises

We are always full of bruises after our trainings. Maybe at the beginning we feel uncomfortable with them. But soon we get used to them and will feel proud of anyone of them. Why? That’s simple!! They remind us of all the hard work we put in class to reach our goals!! It is a great satisfaction, and when we don’t have any bruises, we even feel that we are missing something and begin to train new moves to get new ones. Yes, it’s weird…But who is part of the pole dance community, will understand what I am talking about! 😉 And yes, I’ve already been asked if someone beat me. But proudly I can answer that even if someone wanted to beat me, I would be strong enough to defend myself! 🙂

2- People asking if I am a stripper

Sometimes someone asks me what I do to stay in shape. When I answer I do pole dance, they ask me: ” Would you do a sexy dance for me?”

Let us be clear: that I am pole dancing does not mean I am dancing in a strip club or that I like taking my clothes off in public. Sure, there is also this kind of pole dance, and I have nothing against it. But there is also pole dance fitness, which requires a lot of strength, elasticity and resistance. The best answer I can give to this question is challenging this person to a bout of arm strength 😉

3- 24 hours a day belong to pole dance

Even if you’re not training every day, Pole dance is in your head 24 hours a day. You can not stop thinking about new moves or combinations that you want to practice, at night you take a long time to sleep thinking about it, and when at last you can sleep, you are doing pole in your dreams. It’s like an obsession, an addiction that you can’t forget even a second. When you hear a song you like, you imagine how you want to dance to it, and which trick would look good in which part. When you go shopping,. you go directly towards sportswear and perhaps also the part of platform shoes (sure: for the exotic pole). In everything we’re doing, this sport is with us. Pole dance is not just a hobby. It’s a passion, a lifestyle and something that you are doing all the day. It is highly addictive. But luckily it’s a healthy addiction 😉

4- The traffic signs .. and all similar things … become dance poles

Yes … every time we pass any vertical bar on the street, we want to climb it and perform some pole dance move. And sometimes we just can’t resist 🙂

5- Any other exercise looks boring to us

Sure, because before anything else, pole dance is fun and you know a lot of awesome people who become like brothers who share the same passion and madness with us. And with the exercises we gain strength and flexibility, while we are getting the body of our dreams. There is no possibility that we want to do repetitive exercise with machines in a gym!

6- It is difficult to find tops and shirts that fit well

We gain strength and muscles with the pole dance, but our arms, shoulders and back begin to grow, while our waist and tummy shrink. So it can happen that some of our clothes won’t fit anymore. But hey … it’s a problem that we are glad to accept!! 😀

7- You desperately want to buy your own pole!!!

As we said before, Pole dance is highly addictive. You are going to wish a pole for your own to be able to practice at home anytime you can’t go to the studio. The bad news is that a good pole is not that cheap. But it is worth saving to get one!

8- We get frustrated if we are not flexible or strong enough for certain figures

Every pole dancer wants to be totally strong and flexible at the same time. That requires a lot of effort and exercise, and sometimes we are disappointed when we are not yet prepared for certain moves. The good thing is that we get motivated to train more and more, and when we finally got that trick, we feel the greatest satisfaction in the world!!

9- Our hands are like Shrek’s

We look like delicate dancers with a perfect body … but our hands are completely the opposite!! They are callused from our training and when we paint our nails, the color won’t look beautiful for one day. The same goes for the pedicure, of course. This is another “trophy” of our effort, like the bruises.

10- When the pole is just too slippery

There are days in which the poles are so slippery that we can do absolutely nothing, not even with those products that help to prevent slipping. That’s the worst thing that can happen, because there is nothing we can do to solve this problem. We just have to be patient and practice at another moment.

11- We have to train both sides!!

It’s what our instructors have to say to us again and again … and we just don’t like it !! :O But it has to be done, otherwise we will grow more on one side than on the other … and we don’t want that, neither! 🙂

12- Our points

Doesn’t it happen to you that you simply forget to stretch your toes and your teacher screams “YOUR POINTS!!!” ? Well, It always happens to me 😉

13- The feeling we get when we finally can do the superman!!! 😀


These are some of our adventures with pole dance. Do you know some more? Comment below !! 😀

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By Vanessa Veron Cattebeke

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