7 perfect Christmas gifts for a Pole Dancer!

xmas-pole-2 (1)

Christmas is coming and you haven’t still found the perfect gift for that person you appreciate so much? Well, if he/she’s a Pole Dancer, here are some ideas that can make them really happy!! :D

1- Yoga mat

All pole dancers love these mats! We use them for our warm-ups, stretching and strength exercises. And if you think that we may already have one of those, it doesn’t matter! There are mats in many different colors, so you won’t go wrong with that! :)


2- Sportswear

You can choose a top or shorts, but also leggings or shirts are good! We love all kind of sportswear!


3- High heels

If you know a girl who loves exotic pole dance, there is no better gift than amazing shoes with heel and platform !!


4- Pole Grips

If you’ve never heard of pole grips, now you’ll know what they are: Pole grips are creams, liquids or gel, which are used to have a better grip on the pole! Some are tacky, other anti sweat. Examples are i-Tac, Dry Hands or Mighty Grip.


5- An own Pole

Surely there is no better gift than this .. the disadvantage is that this one is a little more expensive than the previous ;) But if you’re willing to spend that money and want to make your Pole Dancing friend/girlfriend/sister very happy, this it is the perfect gift !! And make sure to choose a pole of good quality, and above all, safe! I recommend you to look for good brands, such as X-Pole.



6- A massage session

Your friend will love this!! After all, Pole Dance is a heavy workout, and depending on how often he/she trains, she/he might be living with constant pain! So it will be awesome to take a little time to relax!


7- Anything that has a Pole Dance design!

It can be anything from a stamped shirt to a keychain or pen that says I ❤ Pole … there are many options! And any of these will make a Pole Dancer very happy !!