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Hola amigos! Quisiera compartir con ustedes algunas de mis pole dancers favoritas y mayores inspiraciones para seguir entrenando y mejorando. Que lo disfruten! Hi my dear friends! I’d like to share some videos of my favourite pole dancers who are a big inspiration to me! I hope you enjoy!   Sergia Louise Anderson: This is actually my favourite performance at […]

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Should children pole dance?


Many wonder if pole dance is suitable for children, since for most this discipline is still considered an erotic and sensual dance. I think Pole Dance is totally acceptable as a form of training for kids. I think it’s even better to begin with training at an early age, as it will be much easier to gain flexibility and strength. […]

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What is Pole Dance?


Pole dance is a performing art, which combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical burlesque pole. Many consider it an erotic and sensual dance, since it can be found in nightclubs. However, its origins are not only in night clubs; also you can find it in the history of Chinese or Indian gymnasts, who used masts on which performing different stunts. […]

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