About me

CapturaVANESSA (@vaneveronc)


My name is Vanessa and I am a pole addicted girl. I was born on august 25th at Bolzano, Italy. Actually, I am living in Paraguay.

I decided to start this blog because pole dance is one of the best things that could have happened to me in life.

I began to do pole dance one year ago and now I am training almost everyday. I am feeling a lot better than before, physically and emotionally and I am able to forget everything around me while I am doing pole. I can say, pole dance is addictive. After my first class, I found out that I could not resist a long time without practicising this vertical dance anymore. There are nights that I can’t even sleep because of thinking about which moves to try next and  watching videos and photos of poledancers from everywhere around the world, who are a big inspiration to me.

I also want to show that pole dance is much more than that sensual dance, as many people think it is. We need a lot of strength and also flexibility to be able to do the different moves and tricks. Pole dance adapts to every body and personality and it develops differently in everyone who practises it, which is the best of this sport. Nobody is “too fat” or “too week” for it.

I’d like people to know pole dance as a type of workout, to gain strength and flexibility, with a lot of fun, motivation and great new friends.

The pole dance community is unique, all people who do pole, are awesome, not common and maybe a little bit crazy (in good way). Welcome to this world full of inspiration, motivation and positive vibe! :)