Interview of the week – Tanya Marsheva


Tanya Marsheva is an Exotic Flow dancer and instructor from Russia, Moscow, who is dancing as she can remember herself. In childhood, she spent several years engaged in artistic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, ballet and contemporary dance. She has been experimenting with styles and then discovered Pole Dance. She has graduated from drama school and played for several years in the Drama Theatre. Tanya is a certified instructor of group fitness programs. She also has studied at the psychotherapist and specialized in body-oriented psychotherapy. Now, she actively teaches and travels giving master-classes, writing articles and developing a methodology of training Pole Dance. She also has experience with championships.


Pole Dance Diary: How did you discover the Pole Dance and what motivated you to try it out?

Tanya:  I was invited for staging show programs in a club where there were poles. When I saw the girls dancing I’ve become mad, I was so fascinated that I decided for myself that I wanted to learn it.


Pole Dance Diary: How has your life changed since you are doing pole?

Tanya: Now my life is full of trips. I have to travel very often with my master-classes. I even recently wrote an article on this subject called “The Way.”


Pole Dance Diary: Do you have a special diet to stay in shape?

Tanya:  I do not stick to a particular diet, but try to stick to the system of separate nutrition and not to eat 4 hours before bedtime.



Pole Dance Diary: How often do you train?

Tanya: I am teaching and working with my students 5 days a week for three hours. For myself, I’m trying to train three days a week an average 2 hours – stretching, attending classes by different directions. On weekends I usually have master-classes which last from 2 to 8 hours.

Pole Dance Diary: What motivates you to keep on training?

Tanya: I just can’t live without it.


Pole Dance Diary: Which are your favourite moves in pole dance?

Tanya: I don’t have any in special, because I think in terms of dance combinations. One movement flows into another immediately, often there is very difficult to find a frame between them. This is a feature of Exotic Pole Flow, my Exotic PD style.


Pole Dance Diary: Do you perform another type of dance or exercises?

Tanya: I do contemporary dance, modern and experimental.


Pole Dance Diary: Which was your best experience with the pole dance?

Tanya: My practice is one big continuous positive experience, because when you see how people change in the results of your work and become happier and more beautiful it is unbelievable. I consider Exotic Pole Flow as powerful body-oriented method of personal growth for women. This kind of dance gives a woman the opportunity to discover such deep resources in itself about which she had no idea.


Pole Dance Diary: Who are your favourite pole athletes?

Tanya: I am very impressed by the work of such artists as Marlo Fisken, Alethea Austin, Yvonne Smink. There are so many talented performers in Pole Dance world! I can not talk about one in special, because everyone has its own nuances which are interesting to me. I am looking very often for dancers from different styles, not only Pole Dance.


Pole Dance Diary: Do your family and friends support you in what you do?

Tanya: My family supports me very much! They have been to Pole championships for several times. I’ve been telling them about my work, trends in Pole Dance, show them my videos and videos of other dancers. The Pope said that Pole Dance must be equaled with circus arts! He is keen on this sport \ dance.


Pole Dance Diary: What advises or warnings would you give to someone who is interested in starting to practice Pole Dance?

Tanya: Do not rush the training, do not chase the difficult trick. You need a systematic approach. And the main thing is to learn how to get the enormous pleasure from the process, because the Pole Dance is both, knowledge and the expression itself.

I wish you inspiration and perseverance.